Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

The layover
At Quick Courier, we know your shipping needs aren't always as simple as: pick up at point A and deliver to point B. Sometimes your packages and parcels need to take a detour. When this is the case, we offer warehousing services for your temporary storage needs.

The long-term stay
More and more often, businesses are finding much better deals on items when they purchase in bulk. Lower costs are great, but the problem it presents is finding the space to store a large quantity of items. With warehouse service like ours, you will reduce overhead storage and inventory tracking costs by storing all your items or just the overflow.

Warehouse Storage & Delivery

We are just as flexible with our warehouse services as we are with our courier services. Office supplies, computer equipment, machinery parts…We store it all. We will pick up your items for storage at your location and transport them to our warehouse facility or you can have your items shipped directly to our warehouse.

When you need to receive one or all of your items, give us a call and we will arrange delivery. We will deliver your items to one or multiple locations as needed or on a daily schedule.

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